AdsBank App - a revolutionary platform in the adTech industry (patented)

You see the ads of your interest at your location on iOS and Android. Get paid. Inspired.

How does AdsBank App different from Google AdWords or Facebook Ads?

Update the categories of interests based on your current mood..

Get to see the ads of your interest on the dashboard. Commercial Ads. Inspirational. Tips. Instant Offers.

Click on the Ad to learn more about the highlights and uniqueness of the product / service

Answer the questionnaire to confirm your knowledge about the product / service.

There are 2 different types of Ads: commercial (to get paid) and non-commercial (to get inspire). For the commercial ads, based on the number of correct answers, you get paid accordingly. The same amount will be available for you to pay any bills.

Get access to the instant offers based on your current location. For instance, if you are in the shopping mall or airport are, you get to see the surprise offers in the same location with the offer expiry period as low as 15 mins to as high as 12 hours.

Want to Influence the world?

If you have a great story or content to influence the world, AdsBank app allows you to fulfill your dreams right here. Please make it brief and crisp. We rate your content based on the user's feedback and encourage you to do more in the future. AdsBank is the final authority to accept or reject your content. Once your content is approved by AdsBank, we publish your name, picture as part of the contributor column - you may become famous. We only encourage informative content, anything useful and inspiring. Unfortunately, we DO NOT allow any commercial content here. Please post Ad for any commercial influence.