The Art of Advertising (Advertise with us)

The advertiser can advertise at the pin-point locations and target the right audience.The Advertiser do not need to invest a single penny unless the users are truly engaged with the advertisement that will be shown.

myADs app showcases the ADs based on the user's personal preferences, interests and current location. When the user clicks on any AD (of personal interests), myADs displays the unique selling points / highlights of the Advertiser's product or service or business. After that, myADs asks the user to answer a simple questionnaire. If the user answers all the questions correctly/partially for the first time, myADs charges the cost per user engagement from the Advertiser. If the user is not able to answer all the questions correctly, Advertiser will not be charged at all. This way the Advertiser will not be wasting any money (unless the user really engages with the advertisement). The good news is that, Advertiser can add the proceed links (i.e. Buy Now, Download the App now, Sign Up now, Donate Now etc) immediately after the Ad page. If the users get excited about the product / service, they can purchase then and there.

The advertiser can track all the users (whoever answered all the questions correctly/partailly) and send the related offers in the near future (through myADs app only).

The cost for the "User Engagement" will be calculated by the number of questions (Advertiser wants to ask the user):

  • For Rs. 10 per click, Advertiser can ask up to three questions.
  • For Rs. 15 per click, Advertiser can ask up to five questions.

To advertise with us, please send an email to

Feature Comparision Sheet: Google Adwords VS myADs app

Want to Influence the world?

If you have a great story or content to influence the world, myAds app allows you to fulfill your dreams right here. Please make it brief and crisp. We rate your content based on the user's feedback and encourage you to do more in the future. myAds is the final authority to accept or reject your content. Once your content is approved by myAds, we publish your name, picture as part of the contributor column - you may become famous. We only encourage informative content, anything useful and inspiring. Unfortunately, we DO NOT allow any commercial content here. Please post Ad for any commercial influence.