Advertiser FAQ's

How can I post an Ad in my Ads?

Just login into, sign up as an advertiser and follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Click on Post AD.
Step 2: Provide basic details and uniqueness about the AD.
Step 3: Choose the cities (or across India) / Pin-point locations where you want your AD to be published.
Step 4: Select the package and frame the questionnaire for the AD.
Step 5: Pay online and submit the AD.
Step 6: Once admin approves the AD, it will be published to all the users.

what are the benefits for the advertisers?

The Advertiser’ s money will be spent wisely and in systematic ways. It will create an emotion among the users about the advertiser’s product or services. The best part of this app is that advertiser can connect back to the users and leads to customer retention and know about the product feedback.

How can you use scan button?

You can scan the QR/BAR codes and get to see the ads under the Ads to be watched.

I scanned some Ads, but now those are not visible ?

Sometimes, there is a chance advertisers budget will be exhausted, so you might not be able to see the Ad. Once the money is loaded by advertiser, you get to see the Ad.

How can I reach my Users ?

As an advertiser, you can reach the audience by using “ send promotional SMS functionality in the app where you can send offers to the users.

How to see the overall stats of my users and what kind of stats will be available ?

You can actually look into the stats ( partially answered, not answered or answered). Also we give further details of users(IP Address and email address) if available.

How to change my target locations ?

You can change the target locations based on city /state or by pin point any time when the Ad is not published. If it shows published mode, than please write us at about the target locations.

How to add additional questions for my posted ads ?

If the Ad is not approved, you can add any number of questions but if the Ad is approved, you need to write an email to to add additional questions.

How to change the Budget / Package for my Ad ?

Budget can be changed any point of time for an unpublished Ad, need to write an email to for changing the budget for Published Ads.
User FAQ's

How does myADs differ from other advertising platform?

My Ads is 100% personalized for the user’s interest.
1 : Users can select the Ads of their interest (based on different sectors)
2 : Users can’t see or get annoyed with irrelevant ads.
3 : Learn & earn while using the App.

How can I earn?

In just a few clicks, you can fill up your wallet. You can earn money easily just by answering short questions in first attempt. You get only one chance to make it or break it.

What Can I do with the money?

You can pay any bills and also load money to Oxigen Wallet.

Can I watch my Ad twice?

Yes, you can watch your same AD an number of times. But you can earn money only once.

I can’t see the Ad before but after scanning I can, why?

Scanned Ads work irrespective of locations. So you can see the ads which are not available in home page of Ads.

How to load money into oxigen wallet?

In Menu / Pay Bills, you can find an option to load money into oxigen wallet where you can transfer the earned money from myADs to Oxigen wallet.

When I try to load money to OW, It says no account ?

In Order to transfer money from my ADs to OW, you need to hold an account with Oxigen Wallet App. If don't have it , than you have to create OW account with in my Ads app,.

I register an account with Oxigen wallet within my ADs, Can I login to same account in Oxigen Wallet ?

Yes, you can login in Oxigen wallet app with the account registered in my ads. You can also transfer my ads earnings to the OW account.

I have no ads ?

Check "My Interests " and choose more categories. We also show Ads based on location. Do update your email in the profile edit, so that we can reach you when new ads are available.

I forgot my Password ?

Reset the password with your registered mobile number in the login page.

I did not receive the recharge which I initiated?

Verify your operator in recharge page, If incorrect update your operator and try recharging again. May take 24 hours due to network congestion still if you do not receive please contact us.

I did not understand "my Ads" ?

myADs is a personalized advertisement platform (powered by MyDeals247) where you choose what you want, where you want and when you want. The good news is that you can earn real money for learning more about the ADs of your choice. It's a real fun and innovative! Check out how it work:
Step 1: Choose the categories
Step 2: Click on the AD and learn about it (you will see how much money can be earned on every AD)
Step 3: Check your knowledge of the AD by answering the questionnaire and earn real money (or credits). You are given only one chance to make it or break it.
Step 4: Using the same credit, you can recharge your mobile.

Want to Influence the world?

If you have a great story or content to influence the world, myAds app allows you to fulfill your dreams right here. Please make it brief and crisp. We rate your content based on the user's feedback and encourage you to do more in the future. myAds is the final authority to accept or reject your content. Once your content is approved by myAds, we publish your name, picture as part of the contributor column - you may become famous. We only encourage informative content, anything useful and inspiring. Unfortunately, we DO NOT allow any commercial content here. Please post Ad for any commercial influence.